Two Thousand And Seventeen...♥

So we're a week into 2017 and I've already started achieving some of the goals I had set myself. This year is following 2016, what can only be described as an epic year: I got engaged, me & Phil bought our first house, we had the most amazing holiday in New York & Las Vegas and my baby nephew was born. All in all it's going to be a hard year to beat.

I prefer to set some realistic ambitions rather than New Years resolutions that I break two days in by ordering a domino's (large pepperoni if anyone's buying). This year I have set myself eight things I would like to accomplish in 2017:

  • Plan 70% of the wedding
    When we got engaged in May last year we had just over two years to go and thought we had a long time to get things sorted, six months later and it's creeping up on us. One of my aims this year is to have most of the things planned and booked.
  • Start a Cupcake Couture blog
    And here we are...I am so happy I finally bit the bullet and started a blog. I used to love writing when I was younger, little things like short stories and poems but as the busyness of working life caught up with me I found myself writing less and less. Now I have somewhere I can start up again, and hopefully you will all enjoy reading it.
  • Drink less alcohol
    I know this is the usual 'new year, new me' resolution but it is one I do want to stick to. I am not going to be unrealistic and have a dry January - especially when I have a jam packed month with events - but I am going to be cutting back on my drinking. I'm not a big or heavy drinker but I am bad for drinking as an excuse, especially when I have a night out. I need to get into the mindframe where if I don't fancy a drink, I simply don't have one. I know my health and bank balance will appreciate it more.
  • Get fitter
    Again a pretty standard aim for the upcoming year, but it's not a 'I will lose this much weight' or 'I will have a flat stomach by this date' decision it's a 'keep going to the gym and see how I get on' thing. I used to be very active - I ran the half marathon in 2016 and now I can barely run a mile. I'm hoping throughout the year I can build myself back up to that level again. I have a JD Gym membership (the Leeds gym is amazing, I would highly recommend it, especially the spin class) so fingers crossed.
  • Visit somewhere new
    For the past few years we have visited places on holiday and had weekends away where we have been before. This hasn't been a bad thing as we've always enjoyed the trips but this year I'd like to discover somewhere new. We are looking at holidays to Greece, in particular Rhodes, in the summer so if anyone has any tips please pop them in the comments box. This coupled with my goal to visit Barcelona will mean I can get new travel plans in place.
  • Get the website up to date
    I have been running this website since 2012 and have always been very happy with it, however I always have that little niggling feeling that it could be so much more. I work full time so finding the time to maintain the website is hard, it's time to curb the online shopping and spend that time getting Cupcake Couture more exciting, for both myself and all you lovely lot.
  • Have six date nights
    Combining working full time, planning a wedding and maintaining the house it's going to be difficult to have any time together as a couple. The weeks are going so quick that making plans is hard enough, never mind just spending some time with Phil away from all the stresses of the wedding. My aim this year is to have atleast six (hopefully more) date nights. Nothing too flashy just a little bit of food, a glass of vino and some quality time together.
  • See Alfie more
    Alfie is my nephew, he's such a legend and (not being biased) the cutest little man I have ever met. He's just over six months old now and starting to have his 'my first...' moments, I don't want to miss out on any of these. I have a really good relationship with Alfie and do see him quite often but I'm hoping in 2017 to see much more of him including plenty of trips to my favourite childhood places and sleepovers at Auntie Cara's & Uncle Phil's. (I KNOW - UNCLE PHIL!!)


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