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Today is my sister's birthday, Happy Birthday Nichola! This meant that for the weekend I got to look after the little cutie that is my nephew.

If you know me you will know I am not the maternal type. I have no idea what to do with kids, they're just not for me. I know people will probably think that's an awful thing to say but its honest - some people want them and some people don't. I am the latter. However, since Alfie was born I've started to open my mind a bit (about kids not being awful, not about not having them - before you start mother!) and I have had one of the best weekends I've had in such a long time.

Alfie is without a doubt a legend. He's the only baby I know that can actually have me howling with laughter, whether it's his attempt to crawl - mainly face planting the carpet - or the positions he puts himself in when he wriggles about. He's the cutest, happiest, loveliest little man about and I am super proud to call myself his auntie.

The weekend started with us taking Alfie to see Rachel at Simply Vintage Events - she will be decorating our wedding at East Riddlesden Hall and we had a meeting with her to get started with themes and ideas. Alfie let us know which pictures he liked (mainly the ones with fairy lights) and even Rachel said how well behaved he was. After a bottle and a little snooze in the car we took him to The Cross Keys for brunch, sitting him on what can only be described as the coolest high chair I have ever seen. Alfie sat and munched his carrots and yoghurt whilst we had fish finger and chicken and chorizo sarnies. I'm not sure who enjoyed it more, judging by his giggle I'm going to go with Alfie. 

As the weather's been absolutely RUBBISH this weekend we braved the freezing cold to the car and headed home where the heating, Ratatouille and copious amounts of tea (just the milk for Alfie) awaited us. After lots of playtime, dancing and realising Alfie likes Arctic Monkeys a lot it was time for him to hit the hay and for me and Phil to relax with enchiladas, wine and a good Saturday night film. When you think of babies you think of the lack of sleep that comes with them, not with Alfie. He's an absolute dream to babysit and like always he slept right through.

Roll on 6:30am Sunday morning, where with a couple of thuds from his feet Alfie woke us up giggling away on the monitor. Not my usual time I'd like to get up on a Sunday but when you have his little smiling face looking back at you it's not too bad. We spent the morning in our dressing gowns laid on the sofa taking selfies and watching AladdinI am a big believer in introducing kids to Disney films. Not only are they great to watch (for both kids and adults) but I actually learnt a lot from them when I was younger, not just about being wary of lions with scar's on their faces but values like honesty, kindness and to believe in yourself. Cue more snoozing, more playtime and even more food and it was almost time for Mummy to take him home, not before demolishing a birthday chicken, ham & leek pie with my sister and brother-in-law though.

Back in the day (not too back I'm not that old yet) I used to spend my Sundays waking up at noon, hungover and waiting for the local pizza place to open, looking back now this really was a waste of the day. Thinking about it I would much rather be up early (not always too early though) spending the day with family, making Sunday dinner's and cherishing the memories I make. This weekend has been awesome, I have my little superstar Alfie - and my not so little fiancé Phil - to thank for that, I hope he reads this when he's older so he can see just how much he means to me.

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