Item Of The Month, March...♥

So I may be a bit late on the 'Item Of The Month' that I hoped to do when I started this blog but with so many plans and events its been difficult to find the time, but I have promised myself I will do this every month to show off my brand new favourites.

Have you ever had that moment where you see a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes and just say to yourself 'Oh my sweet Jesus?' well this is what this is about. Any of my items I always love as I wouldn't pick anything that I didn't think would bring a little bit of happiness to the lucky customer who purchased it but there is that odd item that you come across that just stands out.

This month I just couldn't decide between these two gorgeous 1940's style dresses. Anyone who knows me will know that polka dot is my favourite pattern on a piece of clothing so as soon as I saw this tea dress with them on my heart melted. Purple is such a lovely colour and is often overlooked in the Spring/Summer months by bright and bold florals so teamed with delicate puffed sleeves and a button up front this dress is simply beautiful.

Purple Polka Dot Dress

With a floaty skirt section, nipped in waist and elegant 1940's vibe I nearly kept this one for myself (I am so bad for doing that!!) but I had to share it with you all and let someone enjoy it's beauty. At only £12 it really is a steal and if you team it with some dainty sandals and this gorgeous sunshine that we're having it's the perfect Spring outfit.

Another of my favourites this month has a bit of a back story to it. One of my Dad's best friend's mum sadly went into a home recently and he was kind enough to give me a lot of her clothes and accessories to have a look through that she wasn't taking with her. She really is such a stylish lady and looking through I felt like I had an inner connection with her as her clothes are so vibrant and vivid, and in such good condition. One of the items that really stood out for me was this lovely floral collar dress, in particular I loved it's shirt dress style and tie up waist.

Green Floral Collar Dress

Aswell as this one you can also find her sister dress here. Both these dresses are so cute for both Spring and Summer, a holiday must have, imagine waking on the beach with this gorgeous floaty number on and a cocktail in hand - get me on holiday now! Again, at only £10 it's an absolute bargain and with the discount code 'MAMMAROCKS' for 20% off (final day today!) for Mothers Day - Happy Mothers Day by the way - you could be wearing both these for under £20.

So there they are, my first two items of the month. Let me know your thoughts and if there's any particular items you'd like to see appearing here next month.

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